We provide a wide range of services to our clients, starting from brain storming for new business ideas to tax and finance training and even building websites and marketing. The most important feature of our services is that it will be delivered in the client preferred language. It is crucial that new entrepreneurs thoroughly understand what it means and what it takes to start, run and maintain a successful and profitable business.  We offer a one-hour free consultation during which we listen to our clients’ ideas, dreams, ambitious as well as their experience, skills, and qualifications.  This hour is an opportunity for us, as well as for our clients, to know more about our services, how we can help, what we can and can not do and most importantly it helps our clients understand the process of setting up a business. This meeting is usually a great opportunity to brain storm and provide professional insight and thoughts on the business idea, the market and many other issues. In order to ensure that our clients make the most of the one-hour free consultation, our staff will undertake a preliminary research the so they can provide even more professional, accurate and effective information.

Once the client decides to go ahead and start the process, they can choose from a range of services offered by SSB. There is no job that is too big or too small for us and our services are not limited to an exclusive as we provide all different type of business set up and development support.

Preparing a Business Plan, Business Plan is the second most important step toward setting up a business. SSB assists its clients in building and developing a Business Plan that meets their needs and their business requirement, they are essential to help you understand your business better and manage it more effectively, they also help you think of what you might need to do to improve your business in the future as well as to secure funding if your business needs it. Investors want to know why they should invest in your business and not somewhere else, what current and future opportunities your business has and what profit and risks they should expect. Business Plans varies from simple couple of pages plan to complicated plans that can be up to a 100 page.

Part of the Business Plans prepared by SSB is preparing Cash-flow forecast. Careful planning and management of cash flow is an essential step . Cash-flow record the incomings and outgoings of cash which is representing the operating activities of an organization. If the business is new and in the stage of setting up, then SSB prepares a Cash-flow forecast to calculate an estimation of the business income and profits according to which the client can then decide the value of their products or services.


SSB will also research for any government’s requirement for the potential business; health and safety, registered work-place, certificates, training, license are all some of the governmental requirements which new entrepreneurs might need to obtain before starting their business. SSB will interpret and translate the requirements and assist the client in obtaining them..

What are the different types of business structure and how would a new entrepreneur decide which structure they want their business to be?  This is a very important question which every entrepreneur need to answer. There are different types of business structures in NZ. Sole-Trader, Limited Liability Company and Partnership are the most common types of business structures, but there are other types which an entrepreneur can chose from. While SSB does not give legal advice     (Please refer to our Disclaimer on the HOME page of this website), we will translate and explain legal definitions, concepts, requirements as well as the pros and cons of the different business structures to enable our clients understand and choose the right structure for their business, and if the client wants to get a legal advice we have connections with lawyers to provide the required legal advice to our clients.


Marketing is a major concern for any new business owner. Marketing is very important for any business to become and remain visible to their target customers and to create demand for their products or services. There are many marketing strategies which SSB can develop and maintain for; Cause marketing, viral marketing, seasonal marketing, event marketing and online marketing are just few examples.

An essential element of marketing in today’s world of the internet and social media is having a professional and effective website. SSB staff can design the right website for you so that your business can best meets its needs, goals, marketing strategies and development plans. We will also help our clients find and register the right domain and locate the best host for their website.

In addition to all the services explained above, SSB can provide different types of training to its clients on basic finance, basic tax obligations and employment law if the clients wishes to be educated on those concepts before starting to run their business.