SSB runs a number of programs designed to support and assist migrants and refugees to better economically developed and socially integrate in New Zealand.  In addition to the different programs described below, SSB offers support and advocate for its clients and the migrants and refugee communities  in order to help them achieve these goals.  In this page you can find a description of our different programs and if you need further information please contact us. 

Programs Description

1. Social Development Programs: These programs are offered to newcomers to understand Kiwi’s everyday culture AND to Kiwis who works with newcomers to understand their cultures.

a. Parenting for Newcomers: This program is designed to educate newcomers on parenting norms, health issues, legal requirements and education culture in New Zealand.

b. Family Counselling for Newcomers: This program is designed to           provide culturally acquainted  supports to families going through hard-times and finding hard, for cultural, linguistic and religious reasons, to benefit from the available resources.

c. Cultural Awareness for Kiwis This program is designed for kiwis who works and communicate with newcomers as part of their job to better understand the newcomers’ cultures. The program is tailored to the receivers’ needs (police officers, teachers, health practitioners, lawyers & judges…etc)

d. Cultural Awareness for Newcomers: This program is offered to newcomers to understand Kiwi’s everyday culture.

2. Business Start-up and Operation Support Program (BSOS) Support includes:
• Draft Business Plan
• Complete Business Plan
• Business structure
• Legal requirements
• Tax obligations and requirements
• Book-keeping and accounting
• Website building
• Marketing

3. Business Start-up Information Session Program (BSI) This program is divided to three phases:
1) Phase One consists of four sessions
a. Brain storming and providing a general analytical study of the business
b. Client assessment and business assessment
c. Business structure, tax obligations and employer’s obligations
d. Marketing, sustainability and commitments
2) Phase two: Development a Draft Business Plan
3) Phase three: Develop a Full Business plan

4. Small Business Finance Trust Program (SBF):                                                              This program develops a Trust where the Trust money financing small business and the Trust becomes a partner in the business. This will enable the Trust to be self-funded on the long run. Since the Trust is a partner it will ensure the feasibility of the business and monitor its implementation and monitoring.

5. Business Development and Cooperative Ownership Program (BDCO)
This program develops Business Plans and design a ready-for-operation business then recruit the right people to run it. The people will become all partners in the business (as opposite to being employed by one business owner, which will be a great motive for them to work hard on their business). The successful candidates will receive the required training on the skills needed for the business before starting the business. SSB will become a partner taking care of the admin and operation part of the business

6. IEC Program (Investors _ Entrepreneurs Connection) Business Ideas Marketing
This program links people with business ideas to investors, partners or supporters.